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Diapositives by Madafi Pierre

Diapositives by Madafi Pierre

Filmscreening: Diapositives by Madafi Pierre

6:30 pm, December 11, 2023
Studio of U5, Flüelastrasse 6, 8048 Zürich

In her film Diapositives, the artist and filmmaker Madafi Pierre portrays five people of Haitian origin living in Switzerland. Pierre takes a global look at Haiti and Switzerland and asks what the connections between these two counties are and what life in Switzerland is like from a Haitian perspective. Diapositives addresses questions of planned and unplanned mobility, migration as well as of belonging and feelings of home, which cannot (necessarily) be tied to territories.

With KRIK KRAK Pierre uses a mode of storytelling in the form of call-and-response that is rooted in Haitian culture. Since Haiti is the country of the first Black revolution starting in 1791, the film at the same time involves a conversation about the way we think about historiography, colonization, and the possibilities of decolonizing knowledge production.

The screening will be followed by a Q&A. Over drinks, finger food, and music there will be the opportunity to continue the discussion informally.

The screening is organized by Bettina Gräf and Rebecca Sauer (Institute of Asian and Oriental Studies, University of Zurich) and Dora Imhof and U5 (SNSF research project “Conflict and Cooperation”, Institute of Art History, University of Zurich).