Camera and Cult

Dr. Dora Imhof, U5

Focusing on Maya Deren (1917-1961) and Leonore Mau (1916- 2013) / Hubert Fichte (1935-1986), the project “Camera and Cult” examines central positions from the US and German contexts of artistic engagement with ethnological topics in general and Haitian Vodou in particular.

Voodoo and the state of inter. Bildproduktion und Medien westafrikanischer Vodun zwischen Identität und Alterität

Niklas Wolf

In West African shrines, Vodun embody transformative and constantly updated archives of local material culture, which are often strategically linked to international pictorial knowledge in order to increase the power of pictorial objects.

Material Expressions of West African Spirituality in the Americas: Transatlantic Continuities in Haiti

Zainabu Jallo

Within the various modes of West African Vodun, spiritual faith is expressed through a wide range of material forms. Its doctrinal system and spirituality are founded upon the belief that the immanent characters of divinities are accommodated within natural elements and the material world.